Dealing With Failures To Safeguard Future Success

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FAIL - FAT LOSSThe timing of this post is perfect for me – I’m due to post my 4 weekly update at the end of this week, which I will do as I have committed to – but I know I’ve not had the best month.

Rightly or wrongly (from a motivational point of view at least) I’m anticipating a bad result on the scales at the next weigh-in. It’s been a busy few weeks work-wise and I think I overdid the training earlier in August to the point where I was pretty exhausted come the middle of the month. I ended up taking a few days off training around the bank holiday weekend, which is fine to be honest, but I also took the break as an excuse to eat what I wanted.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself – time will soon tell – I mean I have trained a lot – but maybe not as much as previous months. I know for a fact I’ve indulged more with food this last month – but at least not to the levels I used to…

The point of this post is to reiterate again that, you will have bad days but you have to keep going. Don’t let those bad days turn into bad weeks, months and years! Don’t undo the great work you’re doing.

After a record month in July (in terms of personal bests) and having finally clocked up over 80 miles walking and 20 miles running in a single month I set myself the challenge to repeat it in August. I however also set myself the challenge to add 50 miles of cycling to that target, along with the other activities I’ve been doing. In retrospect this was a stretch too far. In August I actually achieved 67.4 miles walking, 33.2 miles cycling but only 6.6 miles running. I had therefore failed on all 3 targets – but in total it was another personal best (107.2 miles against 101.1 miles last month). So – take the positives where you can, reassess your targets for next time and move on. Don’t dwell… just get on with it! For September I’ve set a 70 mile, 35 mile and 15 mile target for walking, cycling and running respectively – again a challenge, but a little bit more realistic.

I for one won’t let this put me off plan. I’m now back in action and feeling better for the rest – ready to take on my last week and hit the following 4 weeks well (I won’t say hit it hard this time!).

If you have any failings then chalk it down to experience, review what you’re doing or what you’ve done and be honest with yourself. But get back on the proverbial bike and keep your focus.

What did you learn from your last failure? Let us know in a comment below.

Photos: Dagny Mol

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