Accountability Maximises Your Chance Of Success

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ACCOUNTABILITY - FAT LOSSBeing accountable to yourself and to others is a huge way to boost your chances of reaching your goals. You may be reluctant to share your goals or what it is that you’re doing – but by putting it out there you’re making a stronger commitment and giving yourself the best chance of success.

You do it at work

Usually in a work environment you recognise that being made accountable for your actions gives you a greater level of responsibility and often a sense of achievement. You may not like it, but it forces you to do your best – or at least do a bit better than you might otherwise have done. I always thought the same could be applied to my weight loss goals but was a little skeptical to be honest.

If you’re trying to lose weight or get in shape it’s generally a personal (and can be a sensitive) subject – in the past I would very much keep such goals to myself and work around any obstacles that came up so I wouldn’t feel like I had to explain myself to those around me. That was a mistake and I recognise now was a major part of the reason for my previous failings. Although I always kept good records of my progress and of what I’d achieved it was very much a personal thing that no-one else saw.

You can do it at home

At the very least you must share your goals with your partner and close family and ideally your close friends. This doesn’t necessarily mean telling the world in a Facebook post (although that can help if you’re so inclined) but at the very least share the details of what you’re doing, why and how with those closest to you.

Just think about it – not only will you be reinforcing the commitment you made to yourself by stating it out loud, but you should also get support from those around you – that is encouragement to push that bit more or resist that extra treat.

Full disclosure?

Don’t feel you have to share everything – especially if the person you are considering sharing it with doesn’t have a great history in being encouraging. Those people that are doubters – or worse try to drag you down – you can happily leave out of being in the know!

Extra accountability…

This time around I decided to start this blog to enhance my level of accountability. This was the bit I was most skeptical about but it’s really worked and I know for a fact it’s had a huge impact on me.

There have been days that I’ve wanted to cheat or didn’t want to do the work but the fact that I have committed to providing progress updates means that I really have no choice.

Now I know you don’t know me and my level of accountability is not at the highest it could be as I’ve not say shared any pictures of me – but for now I have a balance that works. You may want to go further and be completely open or you can, like me, keep some things reserved.

Do something

So why not do something today – start a free blog today or at least comment on this post with an update of what you’re going to do to make the commitment you need to succeed?

Don’t be shy… go on… leave a comment!

Photos: Justin Grimes

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